Hilda Baci a Nigerian Chef, today, broke the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking time by an individual

Hilda Baci a Nigerian Chef, today, broke the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking time by an individual (88 hours 45mins) and by 5 pm WAT today would have set her new record for cooking for 96 hours straight. The last record was set on Dec 20, 2021, by a female Chef, Lata Tondon, at 87 hours 45 mins, a good 20 hours more than the previous record set by Rickey Lumpkin from Los Angeles, who cooked for a straight 68 hours, 30 minutes and one second in 2018. While we await  Guinness World Records to review the evidence before confirming that she has broken the record, here is a quick snapshot of the impact of Hilda’s Guinness World record:

1. She has been trending on Twitter since Thursday 11th of May 2023, racking up 70K followers.

2. Running an Instagram Live session since Thursday on her @myfoodbyhilda handle that has grown its followers to almost 1M over the course of the cook-a-thron, with over 10k People talking about it on Facebook.

3. “Hilda Baci” has been in over 2M searches on Google.

4. She has cooked over 150 meals and fed over 3000 people.


Cool Facts

Entering the Guinness Book of World Records does not have any type of financial compensation.  Record holders don’t get paid anything as prize money. Applying to set a new record just actually costs you $5 and to break an existing record is free. It takes 12 weeks to process the application. Priority Applications currently cost $800 for people trying to break existing records and $1,000 for those who want to set new records.

The actual cost is in following the Guinness’ rules and guidelines, which are incredibly specific and highly-detailed. The organization takes the process very seriously and applicants must adhere to all guidelines without fail to be considered. The process takes a long time, particularly if you’re trying to set a new record.

It actually costs a lot to undergo this venture.  In Hilda’s case, Likely started her journey 2years ago when she started physically training for the resilience and stamina to stand that long without sleeping and cooking all through with lightly breaks. She lost almost 3o kgs training. Setting up a visible kitchen and ingredients to cook for over 96 hours had to be available. She had a team of support staff, a sous chef, and medical staff all available during the Cook-a-Thon. The immense cost was likely borne by over 10 local and international sponsors that support her :@woodscope.ng @arlanigeria @uber @poweroilng @vendeaseafrica @theamoregardens @filmhousecinemas @nittolnigeria @orikigroup. She did a 24-hour dry-run 4 weeks prior to the event.

If there’s no prize money, why do it? 

Here is how the financials work:

  1. Increased media coverage: Winning a Guinness World Record or setting a record can generate significant media coverage and attention, which can help to raise the profile of a persona/corporate brand and increase its visibility among a wider audience. You can use record-breaking to amplify your marketing campaigns in a variety of ways, for example, to launch products, attention to a CSR project or impact work. It can be a great way for SMEs/SMBs to amplify their marketing campaigns.
  2. Credibility and authority: Setting a record can help to establish your brand as an expert in a particular field and reinforce your authority and credibility. For a business, this can help with inbound sales/marketing. It will enhance the personal/corporate brand’s reputation and make it easier to attract new clients, customers, or business partners.
  3. Differentiation: Setting a record can help to set a personal/corporate brand apart from competitors and create a unique selling proposition.  During Covid, many cook/chef programs emerged online. Although the space is looking crowded, Hilda has set herself apart, no other brand can claim this title. This can help to attract attention and generate interest from potential clients, customers, or collaborators.
  4. Networking and collaboration: Several Nigerian celebrities, government officials, and even the Vice President of the country either showed up or sent messages to her. This will extend to the international scene once it becomes official. Winning a world record can provide opportunities for networking and collaboration with other individuals or organizations in the same field. Think about brands like Gordam Ramsey, Michelin Star, etc.  A great way to build relationships and create new business opportunities on the international scene.
  5. New business opportunities: Winning a Guinness World Record can create new business opportunities for a personal brand, such as speaking engagements, endorsements, or partnerships. These opportunities can generate additional income for the brand.
  6. Increased Brand Value: Winning a Guinness World Record can enhance the reputation and value of a personal brand, which can make it more attractive to investors or potential buyers. This can result in a higher valuation or sale price for the brand.

What Can We Learn About Brand Positioning?

  1. Building a brand takes hard work, planning and intentionality. Most times we see the visibility and forget to acknowledge all the work that went into it. Next time, you come across great brands consider this.
  2. Branding positioning can be done alongside impactful work: Hilda has, overnight, created a massive following of youths and people from all over that have been inspired by her resilience and can-do spirit to go for their goals and push through. I for one was inspired this morning to power through a long-lost personal goal I have battled with.
  3. Differentiation is a powerful way to establish yourself as a leader in your field or set your company apart from competitors.
  4. Investing in building a strong brand goes beyond awareness. When done with impact, it has the ability to create a strong emotional connection between a company/brand with customers/clients. Last night, several supporters were out in the rain, standing in front of that kitchen and rooting for Hilda. Some have spent nights at the location rooting for her.
  5. Financial reward and monetization will follow. Strong brand equity has the ability to affect consumer perception and purchasing behaviour for clients. Consider the immense patronage that will follow Hilda’s MyFood restaurant in Lagos, the numerous sponsorship deals and collaborative activities that will follow suit both locally and internationally with this feat. It also spills to all the brands that supported her, it gave them the power to bolster through campaigns and capture the excitement of consumers and clients.


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