Writers and Vulnerability.

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. — Ernest Hemingway   I think Hemingway was right, and I trust most of you in some way can relate to it, being creative people. Hemingway knew the process itself, of sharing a story with depth and human emotions,

Nigerian Tech Executive and Business Leader Jane Egerton-Idehen Hits Seven Amazon Best Seller Lists with “Be Fearless”

The new book, ”Be Fearless: Give Yourself Permission to Be You” by first-time author Jane Egerton-Idehen appeared on seven Amazon bestseller lists on the first day of release, March 17, 2020. Tech executive, business leader, and speaker, Jane Egerton-Idehen‘s recent release, “Be Fearless – Give Yourself Permission To Be You” hit seven Amazon best seller lists on

The Louboutin Theory

Last Friday at the Women in Leadership conference organized by Boundlesshands Africa and IHS. I sat on a Panel with some amazing and accomplished women as we discussed the topic; “Women in the Board Room; Insight from serving on boards” . We discussed the journey so far , success and challenges I decided to share some thoughts

Own the room, bring your “A game”​.​

We sometimes are quick to throw phrases around. A frequent one I use is, “ Own the room, don’t let people project their insecurities or fears on you”. These are some of the basic guidelines I use when going for an interview, an exam or before an audience where I am being accessed. Recently, I

The Turtle Of Okinawa

This summer I headed with my family to Japan on vacation. Once we made known our destination to the kids, we got different reactions from them. My daughter delved into full research mode. Each day she stayed up until I returned from work. She wanted to share her latest findings, simple words in Japanese she